Welcome to the home of Anushka Chai.

Our blend is hand crafted in the tranquillity of Victoria's Macedon Ranges, in a little town called Woodend.


Our recipe comes from humble beginnings and is constantly evolving. What started as a means to simplify chai preparation in a busy café environment has lead us on an amazing journey. We’ve experienced first-hand that simplicity and respect for each ingredient is truly the secret to crafting the best chai possible!


That’s our vision... To create a chai that is not only the best balance of flavour and spice, but ultimately an experience that can be shared and loved by all.


Our team consider every aspect of creating a blend when we handcraft each batch.

We source, roast, blend and brew each element to its full potential so that anyone can replicate the same full flavoured cup, with ease, every time.


Anushka Sticky Chai - 500g Bag

Anushka Sticky Chai - 500g Bag

Anushka Chai Brew - 500ml Bottle

Anushka Chai Brew - 500ml Bottle


E: connect@anushkachai.com

Ph: +61 473 611 930

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