The Anushka Chai home base is in the cosy mountainside town of Woodend, in Victoria's Macedon Ranges. 

Our story begins with husband and wife team Remy & Bonnie in 2014. Since then the team has grown to include members of our flagship café (and Anushka HQ) Fox In The Chamber, as well as an extensive local network

We craft all of our chai in house and you can catch us there most days of the week for a brew and a friendly chat!


The Anushka team have a variety of backgrounds beginning in Melbourne’s hospitality and service industries (think Code Black, Proud Mary, Melbourne Social Enterprise, plus more), as well as community gardening and farming projects. The entire crew have been involved in bringing people together for a common goal, to not only learn and develop a skillset but to share that passion, knowledge and empower others. If we trace Anushka Chai back to the very beginning it would be where Remy was simply experimenting with his own chai recipes on the various coffee bars that he managed. Very quickly he realised that he couldn't be the only barista that needed a better solution to the often messy and inconsistent nature of their current chai preparation.

"From the early days of Anushka, we wanted to create a chai that was easy to work with, both in the bar and at home, without sacrificing flavour or balance. Our philosophy is based on a model of constant improvement and on our journey we have learned that simply sourcing better raw ingredients is only one piece of the puzzle. Put simply, we want to make the best chai experience possible" - Remy Shpayzer, Anushka Chai Founder.

We understand and listen to feedback from baristas and home brewers alike, it is our key to improving not only the balance of flavours, but the entire experience on both sides of the counter. We are constantly developing the potential of every ingredient through sourcing, roasting, blending and brewing processes; and believe the magic of these ingredients hold their own special place on a café menu!


Anushka Chai exists to be both the source and subject of creativity and innovation... a meeting place to connect and collaborate over a uniquely crafted brew.

Slideshow Images via Ties Urie Photography