The Less You Waste, The Better It Tastes.

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

We’ve constantly hard at work at Anushka Chai HQ taste testing a whole range of different ratios and recipes for our liquid brew☕

In the same way that specialty baristas measure their shot length and milk ratios, being precise with a chai recipe will absolutely bring consistency to every lovely cup.

Our results:

40ml of Anushka Chai liquid brew to 120ml milk creates the perfect balance of strength and enhances its beautiful flavours and distinctive spice notes😋

Another handy tip that we practice at the Fox In The Chamber bar is to really sight where 120ml (or 240ml for doubles) comes up to in our milk pitcher. Overdosing milk not only dilutes the flavour but often ends up going down the drain, so a quick calibration each shift results in a win-win!

After all, the reason we created the liquid brew was to make service super easy for busy coffee bars. With this recipe, a handy shot glass and a well-managed milk dose you'll be all set to keep your chai customers delighted!🤗

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